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Below you will find most frequently asked questions and answers about couriers services in Cleveland, Ohio
Why would I need a courier service?
If you need something delivered faster than just shipping it overnight or even slower than you would require a courier service. Using a same day delivery service offers multiple advantages, not only does it allow you to ship fragile items, but you also get live real time GPS tracking and your packages do not get thrown around like they would in a conventional shipping company.
What is your delivery service area?
We pick up deliver all over Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and the rest of the United States. If you have a package, freight, or anything else that needs to be delivered in a rush manner then let our couriers take care of it for you.
What kind of things do you deliver?
Here at Cleveland Couriers we have vehicles ranging from sedans all the way up to box trucks with lift gates and everything in between. This allows us to deliver everything from documents to large pallets of freight all either in the same day or faster with one of our rush courier delivery services. No matter what you are shipping we can make sure it is delivered quickly and safely.
Are you familiar with medical and courier deliveries?
All of our medical couriers are not only familiar with the hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities in Northeast Ohio they are also trained in specific medical deliveries. All of our drivers abide by HIPAA and OSHA regulations and can make sure that all of your medical deliveries are handled safely and in a STAT manner. We routinely deliver samples, medical trays for cleaning, specimens, equipment, X-Rays, biopsies, and other items from one healthcare facility to another.
What types of legal deliveries do you provide?
Our legal couriers are the best in Cleveland and the rest of Northeast Ohio. This is because they have years of experience in performing last minute filings, retrieving documents, court room staging, and other types of legal courier services. They are also familiar with all of the courts including civil, bankruptcy, federal, district, and other courts; which means that our legal delivery drivers waste no time in finding the clerk of courts and which court room to go to when taking care of your legal delivery needs.
Do you deliver larger items such as palletized freight?
We have box trucks with lift gates capable of handling any delivery in an ASAP manner. This means that if you have freight or palletized freight that needs to be delivered as soon as possible we will not have any stops in between and can make sure your delivery is completed within your given timeline. Our box trucks are capable of delivering freight up to 10,000lbs all over Greater Cleveland and the rest of Ohio and it’s surrounding states.
How fast can you deliver my package?
We have 4 service options available. With our rush courier service we aim to get your package delivered as fast as possible, usually in under 60 minutes. We also have a 4 hour service available that allows us to pick up and deliver your package in under 4 hours. And for those not in a rush but still need their package delivered that day we have our same day service which gives us an 8 hour time window to pick up and deliver your package.
What is your courier service pricing based on?
Our pricing is based on the package dimensions and weight, what type of vehicle you require, how quickly you need your delivery completed and the total one way mileage of the delivery. If you need a quote for your delivery simply fill out the delivery form or give us a call for your free no obligation quote.
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