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Legal Courier Services

Cleveland Couriers specializes in legal courier services such as court filing and document retrieval.  We understand that legal professionals and lawyers in Cleveland don’t have time for filings or document retrievals for every case, luckily Cleveland Couriers is here to help.

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Legal Courier Services Overview

Are you in Greater Cleveland and need a legal filing to be completed quickly or last minute? Do you have legal documents that can’t be pulled from online? Cleveland Couriers is here to take care of all of your legal courier service needs. Hundreds of Cleveland law firms trust Cleveland Couriers for their legal filing, document retrieval, and process serving needs.

Cleveland Couriers understands the urgent need of legal courier services, and the fact that if something is not done on time then your whole case can be ruined. This is why we guarantee that all of your legal courier deliveries are completed within the agreed upon time frame.

Our experienced court runners know all the local, state, federal, civil, criminal, and bankruptcy courts in Greater Cleveland and the rest of Ohio and can perform all of your legal document retrievals and court filings in a quick and efficient manner. Our experience allows us not to waste time in finding where the clerk of courts is, or what floor the judge’s chambers are, which gives us a large advantage over any other legal courier service.

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